Garrett AT Pro review


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OVERALL. I like it. Best features are;

  1) It is waterproof. Truely two machines in one. Without the weight of a water machine, most being 5 to 6 pounds.

  2) It's ability to distinguish bottle caps, and iron washers from good targets (PRO mode>iron audio>on) I used an iron washer in my test which rang good and solid in STD mode like a copper coin, as most detectors would do, but in PRO mode it was easily identified. Both of these features are very valuable, and what set it apart from the crowd.

EASE OF USE. Don't let anyone scare you with the "pro" stuff, this detector is very easy to use.

PINPOINTING. Is excellent, better than I expected with this coil, in fact I see no real need for a pinpoint button.

DEPTH. Is in line with many other detectors at 8 to 10 inches on coin sized targets. Maximum of about 11 inches on a large coin such as a Silver dollar.

NOTE. Pro mode does NOT provide more power or depth, it does give much more target information through sounds.

TARGET ID. Was good, and quite stable over different depths, exception noted below on steel core pennies 2002 and newer.

 Pull tab   55
 1¢ copper   80
 1¢ zinc core 1997 to 2001   74-75
 1¢ iron core 2002 and newer   unstable
 5¢ nickel 1981 and older   83-85
 5¢ alloy  1982 and newer   51
 loonie   81-92
 twonie   78-82
 silver 25¢   87
 silver 1$   92-94
 gold ring 10K small   40

TARGET SEPARATION. Two coins needed to be about 4 inches apart to get two separate tones, however if a nail and a coin are together, it will detect the better target.

SUMMARY. If you want an all-in-one detector for water, and land, this is it. I think anyone would like this detector.